Two methods of transportation of bulk cement silo
Compressed air: the cement truck is equipped with its own compressor, the cement truck tank formed a lot of pressure, under pressure, the cement through pipes, cement transported to a storage tank. Induced draft fan: hzs50 concrete batch plant price that has an induced draft fan in cement tanks at the start fan, cement tank negative pressure, so that we can through the pipeline, the cement truck cement tank sucked piggy bank to go.
Two methods of transportation of bulk cement silo described above in real life, have a wide range of applications, at the same time we must pay attention to the transport of cement quality.
The importance of bulk cement silo legs
Bulk cement silo legs height is normally provided by technical personnel, to make the calculation based on the location and length of the screw conveyor between the cement silo and batching machine, host.
Some customers in the purchase of bulk cement silo, in order to save money, reduce the height of the leg, the result will be found in practice because of the leg, so close to the discharge opening from the ground, resulting in the delivery of bulk materials screw conveyor the inclination is too large, can not achieve the desired results, it will bring great trouble. Usually bulk cement hot sale hzs25 concrete batch plant silo leg height is 1.5 meters, will make corresponding adjustments according to the needs of users, but no matter how the adjustment legs are cement silo must exist. Bulk cement silo legs too will be affected in many ways, the first is a security risk, the entire cement silo legs play a supporting role, it will reduce the safety factor is too high, and inspection, cleaning and maintenance will be in trouble .
Bulk cement silo concrete mixing skills
The purpose of bulk cement silo is to make concrete mixing the components into a respective material particles dispersed mutually uniformly distributed mixture. Mixed Concrete whether homogeneous, from the concrete by a certain number of randomly selected samples were analyzed to assess if each sample with the same ratio, you can believe that the concrete has been mixed up.
In order to make concrete mixing the components, each component must particles can be dispersed in the stirring process, to go to a variety of other components, therefore, must try to make all components are in motion, and their trajectory intersected the number, the more easy to mix concrete. Depending on the force of each component intersects the trajectory generation method, durable concrete batch plant with silo general manager of bulk cement mixer tank design is based on basically two:
Since the diffusion process is the use of the material the material particles to each other shear slip effect, so called shear diffusion mechanism. Compulsory concrete mixer is designed according to this mechanism.